Megabass Cyclone MD-X Crankbait

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The Megabass MD-X Cyclone features a fixed Shaft Balancer System a Hydrodynamic body with water intakes, and a redesigned lip to get the MD-X Cyclone to its target depth quickly. The unique body-design incorporates water intakes that channel water as the lure is retrieved, adding to the lure’s action. The water intakes also create unique underwater-vibrations and bio-sounds, which allows the MD-X Cyclone to run without normal internal rattles. The balancer system combines with the finely tuned exterior design to deliver an ultra high-pitch vibrating action with incredible body roll, generating massive flash. In addition, the unique Hydrodynamic properties of the MD-X Cyclone add dimension to the popular "stop and go" retrieve, causing the MD-X to float up slightly and turn on its lateral axis when paused.


The MD-X Cyclone was designed to target depths of up to 12 ft, with finishes and patterns designed for lower-light conditions, and a diving lip meticulously fine-tuned for a low drag-coefficient to increase casting distance.


  • Length: 2-3/16 in.   Weight: 1/2 oz.   
  • Depth: 11 to 12 ft.   Type: Floating