Megabass Flap Slap LBO

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The Megabass FLAP SLAP LBO has received acclaim around the world for its phenomenal action and life-like detail, proving an indispensable addition to crank bait and jerk bait arsenals alike. Now equipped with the next-generation LBO 2 moving balancer system, the FLAP SLAP LBO  rockets into the future with unrivaled casting distance. The nearly frictionless ball-bearing design of the LBO 2 balancer system leaps instantly to the tail section to power exceptional casting distance, then shifts to its front, low center-of-gravity position to deliver the storied action for which the FLAP SLAP is already well-known. Now tuned to suspend, the FLAP SLAP LBO 2 can be burned, twitched, and paused above submerged weed beds and other target-rich environments.


Length: 3 in. Weight: 7/16 oz. Type: Suspending