Megabass Funky Flipper Crankbait

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  • Length: 60.0 mm.   Weight: 1/2 oz.   Type: Floating


FUNKY FLIPPER shallow sub-surface crankbait is designed for optimal action across ranging retrieve speeds, and increased hook-up and landing ratios.

Unique lip design and body shape channel water to allow for maximum retrieve speed effectiveness, from super-slow to burning. This design keeps FUNKY FLIPPER locked into the sub-surface range even with a fast retrieve, which is perfect for searching those large shallow flats quickly and effectively.

Large #2 front hook is secured with a heavy-duty recessed eye that prevents hooks from fouling, and encourages improved hooking ratio.

Funky style built on a solid frame of consistent, wide-ranging action brings FUNKY FLIPPER to a new height of sub-surface cranking action.

Equipped with larger front treble hook to increase hook up ratio!

Front hook is larger #2 size for better hook up ratio. Specially designed hook hangar eliminates the use of split rings to avoid unwanted contact with rear hook.