Megabass Gatta-X Turbulence Topwater Crawler Bait

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The Megabass Gatta-X Turbuleance is a model that rotates at a irregular speed by means of a super lightweight plastic turbine. The wing bag makes the lower wing appear to be quietly thrashing here and there. In test fishing, the  Gatta-X Turbuleance was found to excel in catching top water game on wavy water surfaces so rough that ordinary noisy plugs fail to work. The prop turbine mounted on the body serves to firmly stabilize the plug body in rough water while making it move in a frenzied strap dance balanced on a hovering tail. The wacky rotation of the prop turbine excites the fish to react with aggressive bites.

  • Megabass Gatta-X Turbulence
  • Weight: 1/2 oz.   Type: Topwater