Megabass OG Anthrax 100

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With an internal Megabass original Roller Gyro Balancer System, the Anthrax is a deadly topwater, wake, and shallow-cranking lure with a unique wounded baitfish profile. This upside-down profile, combined with the subtle surface-disturbance of the fin, is perfect for the “waking” technique, which employs a slow, steady retrieve combined with a high rod angle, which creates a wickedly sinuous topwater action that pushes a lot of water as the bait struggles between surface and sub-surface. Using the Anthrax, this technique is deadly in water visibilities of 2-20 feet, when the water temps are between 55 and 80 degrees. In addition, with the rod-tip up, twitches create erratic jerks and flashes that often break the surface of the water, while subtle twitches with the rod-tip down will allow for dog-walking action. Finally, with the rod tip down or partially submerged, the Anthrax acts as a shallow crank, the Roller Gyro Balancer System creating plenty of rolling flash to draw strikes. In general, points, grass beds and flats are some of the best areas to fish the Anthrax. Thanks to Megabass’ Roller-Gyro-Balancer system, the upside-down profile of the Anthrax not only looks exactly like a wounded baitfish, but also has the best waking-boiling action of any walking-type lure on the market. You need to make long casts with the Anthrax,


  • Megabass OG Anthrax 100 
  • Length: 105.0 mm.   Weight: 1/2 oz.   
  • Depth: 0 to 1 ft   Type: Floating