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Megabass OG BAIT-X Concept

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The original Megabass Bait-X was the first plastic bait ever made by MEGBASS back in the 80s. The key idea behind the Bait-X was on the contrary to the GRIFFONs, to stick around the MID-RANGE structures (and the bottoms as well) by tapping (knocking, pecking) them persistently  that is ,to imitate crustaceans that are trying to escape from the predators along the structures. The new Bait-X has been developed with this concept in its center, yet completely updated with the Moving Balancer System of Deep-X Series, the Patent-pending Water-Intake Lip and Hydro-Diffusing Body. When you target the fish that relate to structures such as ripraps and laydowns, ordinally crankbaits will move past the target zone too fast. The Bait-X is designed to appeal to those sedentary bass that relate to the structures.



  • Megabass OG BAIT-X Concept
  • Length: 66.0 mm.   Weight: 3/8 oz.   
  • Depth: 8 to 10 ft.   Type: Floating