Megabass OG MD-X Cyclone Crankbait

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The Megabass MD-X Cyclone delivers an ultra-high pitch and roll action along with surprising flash and a flicker-glimmer effect. It was designed to target a wider range including shallows as well as medium depth. The finish is great for bold approaches in shallow areas with a diving lip meticulously fine-tuned to a low CD value. Another feature of the MD-X Cyclone is the unique hydrodynamic (PATP) properties of the Cyclone allowing it to float upward along with a "spiral-drift" action at the instant that line tension reduces after stopping the retrieve in the popular "stop and go" retrieve, luring the sleeping monster bass.



  • Megabass OG MD-X Cyclone
  • Length: 2-3/16 in   Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Depth: 11 to 12 ft   Type: Floating