Megabass OG XJF Swimbait

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The Megabass XJF Swimbait with its three-part body, XJF creates a strong rolling action and lures big fish in many conditions, especially when targeting bluegill, crucian, or carp, or any fish that tenaciously pursues shad-shaped bait. The XJF is a shallow-floating, jointed vibration-bait.It can be used not only as a quick shallow-crank, but also as a lively noisy-crank that swims windingly on the surface, and with a relatively restrained sound during slow retrieve with the rod tip in the 'up' position. If you want a quicker crank bait, simply remove the metal tail, which produces a bubble sound during normal use.


  • Megabass XJF Swimbaits
  • Length: 4 in  Weight: 1/2 oz  Type: Floating