Megabass Prop Darter i-Wake LBO2

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i-WAKE is a supernatural wake bait specializing in "dead throw" retrieves, which has been boiled down for many years by Shinji Sato, the head of the demon school, a famous guide who is extremely popular in Lake Biwa. Traditionally, wake baits are often the type that causes flashy actions and sounds, but i-WAKE is a natural feeding bait that aims at the opposite and creeps up with a "dead throw" so as not to make the target unwilling to be alert. The i-WAKE equipped with the new center of gravity movement system "LBOⅡ" boasts a dramatic improvement in castability due to the instantaneous movement of the center of gravity, and the speed of swimming at the moment of landing, which was not possible with conventional lure engineering. .. With the LBOⅡ bearing built-in shaft type weight as the "axis" and the action setting centered on the roll, the extremely lively trajectory at the time of dead throw retrieve, just like a real bait, is unique to the "Prop Darter" series. It is also effective in "Stay & Twitch". Asymmetric propeller" that generates natural action and sound creates a realistic boil and splash. Please try "I Wake" Prop Darter Magic, which is effective for threaded bass.



Length: 4 in   Weight: 1/2 oz    Type: Topwater