Megabass Super-Z Z1 Living Legend Crankbait

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The Megabass Z-1 delivers “bulldog contact,” hitting bottom structure with relentless aggression to trigger frenzied reaction bites. The Z-1’s hard-hitting style sets it apart from the GRIFFON series’ finesse escape action. In the bitter winter, early spring, and during turnover periods, the Z-1 displays amazing stability that allows it to continuously engage riprap and shallow contours. Furious deflections never compromise the Z-1’s high pitch action during these situations, stimulating tough fish until they are compelled to bite. This next generation shallow runner is perfectly suited for attacking cruising fish around backwater sand bars, riprap, and shallow structures.


  • Megabass Super-Z Z1 Living Legend Crankbait
  • Length: 53mm  Weight: 1/4 oz  Type: Floating  Depth: Max 2.3m