Megabass UOZE Swimmer Swim Jig

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The Megabass UOZE SWIMMER spares no expense, harnessing careful design and premium components to deliver an unrivaled swim jig experience.

The UOZE SWIMMER’s head starts with a classically-proven point to cut through vegetation and water, but that is where the similarities end. Sculpted details culminate in flared gill-plates, which provide subtle retrieve resistance to improve angler feel, range-keeping and roll the water to bring silicone skirts to life. Custom #3 willow blade adds flash and vibration, anchored via shape-memory titanium wire to compress out of the way of bites, Improving hookup ratio. Tension-tuned weed guard deflects light vegetation without obstructing hard-won bites.


  • Megabass UOZE Swimmer
  • Weight: 3/8 & 1/2oz  / Hook: #4/0 Fluorine Coated
  • Keeper: Hand Tied Double Keeper
  • Blade: #3 Willow  / Skirt: Silicone