Megabass V-4 Buzzbait 5/16 oz (Impeller)

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The V-4's 4 System prop shape is designed to immediately adapt to the changing conditions of a field over the course of a day. The V-4's head material is a new lightweight alloy different from past models. It has the ability attack structures from all angles and displays an excellent rising ability. The exquisite balance of the realistic head creates a slightly off-kilter swimming motion that is irresistible to prey. This gives the V-4 an extremely lively presence in the eyes of bass looking to attack from below. The FLAT FACE (PAT.) and realistic eyes play the role of strike dots, and the clear plastic prop blends into the water, realistically mimicking the wake of a bait fish without spooking bass. The metal prop has an ASYMMETRIC FORM (PAT.) and ASYMMETRIC PITCH (PAT.P) design. It creates more unorthodox movements and alluring sounds than traditional buzz bait props, increasing its ability to attack targets. The V-4 has been designed to give even beginners great results with its excellent performance.