Megabass VALKYRIE VKC-71MH Bait Casting Fishing Rod

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A shaft dedicated to deep cranking that manipulates crankbaits such as DEEP-SIX and DEEP-X300 at will. We have thoroughly investigated the long throw ability and sensitivity that are essential when using these lures, as well as the power to hook deep bites without losing water pressure.What stands out in particular is its sensitivity.It clearly communicates the contact with the weed and bottom material, making it possible to "untie" from the stack and perform reaction bites by cutting weeds more accurately and effectively.In addition, it is one that demonstrates its power in wide-area underwater searches, such as slow rolls with big spinnerbaits and vibration games on weed flats.


Grip length (from reel seat bottom to grip end)

Standard: 265mm, Max: 285mm, Min: 235mm