Megabass Vibration-X Smatra

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The Megabass VIBRATION-X Smatra is a compact vibration plug that works as a search bait in relatively small areas such as wild ponds and rivers. It is compact size that is easy to handle, and it is possible to cast long ponds in a field pond. It demonstrates high search capability matching Langan style. Ultra low center of gravity crescent weight (crescent shaped ultra low center of gravity weight) mounted so as to crawl on the bottom of the body stabilizes the swim posture even at ultra high speed retrieve, generating power roll action of VIBRATION-X Ultra. It emits a strong impact while compact size, attract a wide range of fish. Also, in Sumatra, even in a situation where the full-size vibration plug becomes algae dango, it is possible to trace the wig's claws lightly. Besides Sumatra there is no brilliant impact hidden in the compact body, inducing reaction bytes in tough situation such as summer and severe cold season.


  • Megabass Vibration-X Smatra
  • Length: 64.5 mm.   Weight: 1/2 oz.   Type: Sinking