Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi Jerkbait

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Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi has an average bait fish form such as Oikawa and Kawamutsu that live in Japan, is a New Generation shallow crank of Real flat side.Other top water minnows keying (slapping) in the surface of the water, the other one in the hit carefully the shallow and Hineridaseru, expand the acrobatic cranking.And unique flat side body, by the gyro balancer system (PAT.P) of "center of gravity mobile", dancing brilliant and wavering and dizzy, and appeal in the butterfly wobble.Hit the Gila anytime, anywhere, I have realized the shallow cranking of the invitation.Movable fin (PAT.P) is stirred by roll the water flow.



  • Length: 105.0 mm.   Weight: 5/8 oz.   Type: Floating