Megabass X-80 Trick Darter Jerkbait

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  • Length: 3-1/8 in.   
  • Weight: 3/8 oz.   
  • Depth: 6 ft.
  • Type: Suspending


The Megabass X-80 Trick Darter is for the anglers who have experienced the effectiveness of the VISION 110 jerk baits will be impressed by the X-80 TRICK DARTER. A long time favorite of many top fishing professionals, the TRICK DARTER jerk bait truly comes alive in the water. The X-80 TRICK DARTER features the same Multiway Moving Balancer System as the VISION 110, powering long casts and incredible action. The TRICK DARTER will dance erratically with short snaps of the rod tip, moving even more sharply to the left/right than the Vision 110.