Megabass Z-Crank (Red Label) Wooden Crankbait

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  • Hand Made Wooden Lures
  • Length: 66 mm.   
  • Weight: 1/2 oz


    The legendary megabass plug “Z-Crank” has now been recreated by the craftsmen of Megabass as the New Generation Z-CRANK. This new Z-crank has been trimmed and redesigned from the original bulky form,yet is made from the same natural wood that creates a raw action that makes those tough fish go for a hard strike. Z-crank recreates a high-pitch grind wobbling movement with a wavy action of a vibration plug by using a coffin lip of thin, high-strength glass fiber with high buoyancy. The muddy cover is designed to stongly and sharply show the presence of fish within the cover. This new generation Z-Crank has an enhanced snap less feature due to a high-resiilence coffin lip and unique shape, yet it also lightens the stack from messy covers in shallow areas. So the Z-crank allows a positive attack via the unusual feel given off by the natural wood in messy cover areas such as bushy shallows, ripwraps and stumps that snare conventional injection type crank bait. This new Z-Crank is truly the super crank bait long awaited by experts.