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M.L.W Monka FP Crawler (LEATHER)

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Monka Lure Works is named after their founder, Monka, a nickname that stuck with him since he was a child. Monka has been fishing for 35 years and producing lures for 10. Monka was inspired to perfect the crawler bait, to make a bait that can cast more distance, have more stability, and instantly adjust to the conditions. Monka Lure Works crawler baits have been one of the popular lures for trophy bass fisherman in Japan. 

HOW to take care MONKA BONDAGE products.

MONKA BONDAGE products use real leather. Proper care is required to maintain quality product. If you own leather boots and know how to take care after rain, you are good. If not, please see following steps

1. CLEAN: after use removal visible outside agents such as weed, dirt, wood particles, etc.

2. DRY: use clean, dry, soft rag to wipe off any excess moisture, then let it dry inside the house. Avoid direct sun exposure during drying. After dried, give the product a quick rub-down with dry rag.This is to take off any remaining dirt or particles clinging to the leather.

3. CONDITIONER: Take your leather conditioner and pour into the new rag and just a quick rub all over without pushing down hard. Wipe off any excess conditioner and let it rest for overnight.

4. REPAIR: If you see any part of the leather coming off, you can repair with rubber adhesive for leather. Take a tooth pick, apply small amount of adhesive (pressure sensitive elastomeric adhesive) into the section (both body and leather) wait a couple of minutes to semi-dry adhesive. Once adhesive is ready, apply pressure with your finger and wait for a couple of minutes. Please follow instructions on adhesive product as many of them require of rubber glove, air ventilation, etc.

  • Monka Lure Works Monka FP Crawler
  • Color: BONDAGE Leather
  • Length: 5 in   Weight: 2.1 oz
  • Type: Topwater Crawler Bait