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TG Finesses Rattler that can be attached to a small worm without stress makes it possible to make buses in the surroundings recognize the existence of a lure by shaking without disturbing the silhouette. Once you experience the effect, such as straight worms and smolar trailers, it will be an item you can not release. Especially when it attacks Maddy Lake and a wide deep area, it is a very effective item. It finishes to a size that does not disturb the small worm silhouette, emits a small but strong wave sound by adopting the world's strongest tungsten ball, and brings in the bass to the byte.

Allows various settings

This small and powerful TG Rattle can fit in worms in various places regardless of the shape of the worm. When inserting into a straight worm etc, it is possible to insert easily. By inserting a hook into the place where you want to install and making a path 

The union claw's nail has a dedicated hole beforehand so it is easier to install. In addition to reproducing the rubbing sound of the shell caused by crayfish escaping, if you wear it at the place where the worm moves well and shake it has the effect of attracting the surrounding bass.