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O.S.P ASURA Spec2 925-SF JDM Jerkbait

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  • Length: 92.5 mm.   Weight: 8.45g   Type: Slow Floating (Silent)


Guardian God of Silence ~ Fixed Centroid + Silent Completely Exploits the Tough Bath around the Cover ~

Asura SPEC 2 has eliminated the movement of the center of gravity and made a fixed center of gravity + silent. Although the flying distance is somewhat down, since the body design does not rely solely on the movement of the center of gravity, it realized the flight distance as the same gravity center movement model of the same class. Therefore Asura can be casted around cover with bait casting tackle is also excellent. Even if you hard jerk or touched the structure for a moment the weight will not go away and the action will not be broken. Response of the swimming soup from all sorts always keeps invitation performance well. Also silent design is great effect on a nervous bus. Slow floating is very advantageous for capture around the cover. SPEC 2 is the final weapon developed to eliminate the blind spot completely as the Asura series.