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O.S.P Blade Jig SPEC2 3/8 oz

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The O.S.P blade jig was developed as a lure that has the suppleness of a soft lure and the sharpness of a hard lure, and exerts a special appeal. There is a high need for a fast moving lure, even after a major holiday field or after a predecessor, which requires extremely lively and hard-to-find performance. In a tough situation where spinner baits and crank baits do not bite, the transparent blade that suppresses flushing hides the existence of hooks, and the supple rubber skirt and worm's MIX rolling action has a surprising effect beyond imagination. Demonstrate. It has a strong presence as a new genre lure.


Focus on the effect of clear water and open water, which this type of lure was originally not good at. Furthermore, in order to respond to the presence of the predecessor and fishing during the day, a clear blade was selected to realize performance that makes it easy to bite even in super tough situations and is extremely difficult to thread. It is a unique blade shape that maximizes the response and starts to plover moderately at medium first retrieve or higher.