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O.S.P Blitz Max Rattlin’ Crankbait (Japan Market)

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This Rattlin' Blitz Max is different from the Rattlin Blitz (53mm) concept. Generally speaking, the tougher the field, the more silent is advantageous, but it can be reversed depending on the size and timing of the bus. Lattrin is a good place to play when the effects of turbidity or stormy weather increase the activity, but it is more effective for big bass by using the mouth with a threatening or reaction element. This time, we chose a bone resin that we independently prepared for the body, and the rattle ball to be mounted is a super-large steel 7.15 mm (about 1.5 g). Not only does it romp freely in the body, it hits the walls on the left and right strongly, but the rolling noise on the way also strongly stimulates the big bass. In addition, by moving to the tail when casting, the flight distance is greatly increased. Because the body material has high buoyancy, it keeps high float and maintains action response. Thus, the Rattlin' Blitz Max is a noisy crank that has the impact of making the big bass irritate and angry with its noise rather than rattle.



  • O.S.P Blitz Max Rattlin’ Crankbait (JDM)
  • Length: 62.0mm   Weight: 14g   Type: Hi Floating / Ratllin