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O.S.P DoLive Crawler 9” Worm (5pk)

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Nowadays, bass are accustomed to seeing regular size lures such as 4 inch and 5 inch. However, the large silhouette has the explosive power to pry open the mouth of such a bus. But it's not just about being big. On the contrary, things with volume such as claw type and swimbait type can surprise the bass ... In such a case, a long worm with an elongated silhouette is effective. Such a long worm is effective not only for big lakes such as Kasumi and Lake Biwa, but also for small places with high pressure and sometimes confronting visible buses. Not only is it easy to bite, but the body with a thin shaft is easy for the bass to suck in, which leads to good hooking. Long worms are not as appealing as they think.