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O.S.P Orikanemushi Daddy Floating Finesse Jigs

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Orikane Mushi Daddy is a performance for pursuing fishing that was pursued by the original model, "excellent fish collecting power with pop sound & splash", "extreme feeding presence that can be obtained by just floating it up", and " "Snaggless performance and high hooking rate". It is a high-potential specification that enhances appeal and decabas induction by increasing the volume. The weight has increased 1.6 times (4.5g) compared to the original model, greatly contributing to castability. Being able to cast comfortably with the bait finesse stackle allows you to boldly attack deep inside the cover where the risk of line breaks was high in the light line. And, by high bait tackle casting precision and good return, we increased the bite chance. In addition, the flight distance with spinning tackle is top class. The advantage was obtained at the flight distance, which is the weak point of the insect worm. Insect lure goes to an unknown area, and Orikane insect Daddy evolves insect fishing aggressively.