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O.S.P Rattlin’ Blitz Crankbait (Japan Market)

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The original OSP blitz may feel unsatisfactory under certain conditions as an all-rounder.For example, when it is robbed of its presence in the weather and rain.When the missed bytes are reduced by teaching the position of the lure earlier for a bus that is tightly attached to the structure when it gets cloudy and aiming at the bait.When you want to get a reaction without inscribing the cast when doing a wide area check, and so on.Because of these necessities, I used only bone material that I formulated separately, with steel rattle. This combination emits a moderate volume and has a minimal effect on buoyancy and action.In this way Rattlin 'Blitz was born to completely fill the gap that occurred in various natural conditions and conditions of use.


  • O.S.P Rattlin’ Blitz Crankbait
  • Length: 53.0 mm   Weight: 9.5 g   Type: Floating/Rattlin