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O.S.P Rattlin’ Blitz MAX JDM Crankbait

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It is this Rattlin 'Blitz Max that draws a line with the concept of Latine Blitz   (53 mm). In general, it is said that silent is more advantageous in tough fields, but the reverse may be possible depending on the size and timing of the bass. When the influence of turbidity and activity rise with rough weather etc is Latrin's turn, the more effective way to big bass is with threat and reaction element. In this time, we selected the bone resin that we formulated independently, and the rattle balls to be mounted are ultra large, steel 7.15 mm (about 1.5 g). In addition to strongly hitting the left and right walls around the body freely, it also stimulates the big bass with rolling sounds on the way. Also at the time of casting the distance to the tail is greatly improved by moving to the tail. Because the body material is high buoyancy, it keeps high float and maintains action response. In this way Rattlin 'Blitz Max is a noisy crank with an impact that makes the mouth irritated and angrily to the big bass with noise rather than rattle.