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O.S.P VARUNA ASURA Spec2-SF 110 JDM Jerkbait

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  • Length: 113mm.   Weight: 15.7g.   Type: Slow Floating Silent


Silent & fixed center of gravity SF model will capture the situation of counter electrode.

VARUNA was released in the early spring of 2015 when 14 cm from the birth of Asura of 9 cm, 13 cm RUDRA also celebrated the tenth year. Fully equipped with the above two jerk baits for many years without leaving all the elements necessary for fishing and the structure for that. Regardless of the slim type which is the merit of minnow, the body has a full flat body shape which produces flushing which is an indispensable element, a low center of gravity with multiple small caliber moving weights, and a honeycomb super HP body (PAT ). It became the strongest 11cm minno which improved all performance such as swimming and good response with high response, light and crispy twitch, sharp dart action.And, this time SPEC 2-SF fixed 3 moving weights in the SP model into 2 positions, placed in a position where both flight and swimming are compatible, and fixed with a very thin inner plate. Although it is not beyond the original center of gravity movement type, as 11 cm fixed center of gravity Minnow, the dispersion of the flight distance was suppressed as much as possible. Even with the quiet Asura Sea Cast, keeping the attitude that you can swim from the time of landing, because it is slow floating, it is superior in avoidance ability and is ideal for attack around the structure. Even a twitch or hard jerk will not be too distorted in posture. SPEC 2 exerts its power by clear water and tough condition etc. by silent design while sacrificing distance of movement by throwing away the movement of center of gravity.