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O.S.P Buzzn’ Crank

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  • O.S.P Buzzn’ Crank
  • Length: 2 in.   
  • Weight: 3/8 oz.   
  • Type: Topwater


The O.S.P Buzzn’ Crank is a crank bait that performs like a buzz bait the
Buzzn'CRANK became a pioneer in its field when it brought about a new genre of lures called "Topwater Crank baits". This topwater crankbait produces strong waves on the water surface as if it were a buzz bait. Its maximum dive is a mere 2 inches, the world's most shallow-running crankbait! Its appeal, different from that of other crankbaits, not only allows you to catch a lot of bass, but is also effective with big bass, which is always a great tournament winner.