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O.S.P High Cut Shad

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The OSP High Cup advocates 2 types of SHAD. SHAD is one of the most effective lure under tough condition. But when you consider latest fishing circumstances and seasonal variations, completely opposite 2 types SHAD are inevitable. One is Crank Bait like SHAD which imitates various kind of baits like small fish, shrimp, crawfish and good at bottom knocking and dodging cover. Also, it has moderate volume and appeal power which make conspicuous in muddy water. In short, that is a kind of SHAD which is effective when you can't make fish bite by crank.bait. DUNK of O.S.P is exactly that kind.


  • O.S.P High Cut Shad
  • Length: 2-2/5 in.   Weight: 1/5 oz.   
  • Depth: 0 to 8 ft.   Type: Suspending