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O.S.P Tiny Blitz Crankbait

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Tiny OSP Tiny Blitz Crankbait is developed aiming at the performance to catch more bass under the condition which varies year by year.The necessity for Crank bait is high under tough condition like weekend high pressure lake, bank fishing where you have to fish after other anglers, or when you have to fish around structure of clear lake.But talented crank bait has tremendous power to create bite of big bass which does not respond to slow fishing. Tiny blitz is easy to handle both with spinning tackle and bait casting tackle. It swims around 0.3 to 1.0 meter depth where former O.S.P crank bait did not. Tiny Blitz is designed more conscious of middle range retrieve than just swimming by hitting structure or bottom It creates bite regardless of swim speed because it has strong flashing by tall semi-flat body. Ultralight honey comb super HP body and super thin HP slash bill which have been adopted since 2003 devote improvement of every kind of performance like action or snag-less ability. Tiny Blitz is the crank bait to fish this moment corresponding to ultimate high pressure.



  • O.S.P Tiny Blitz Crankbait
  • Length: 1-9/10 in.   Weight: 1/4 oz.  
  • Depth: 0 to 3 ft. Type: Floating