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Owl Gene Crank Minnow Crankbait

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Owl Gene's new work Crank & Minnow debut. A 1oz full size wooden surface plug that was unlikely, fusing minnow and surface crank. Oul jeans new work "Crank & Minnow" is an introduction.

Large squared lip with exaggerated crankbait to a minor shape with a little volume. It is a wake action that strengthens wobbling which does not let body feeling be wrapped by just winding, "warm action" while pulling out a big waving wave.

Just wrapped "Ranjune" is a hand to a target that does not use mouth.

Dive rapidly to approximately 10 cm to 30 cm range right under the water surface due to the strength of retrieve. After diving to an arbitrary range, like Minnow, it is an action by twitching, a panic action with a 180 degree turn in the water until it floats. Of course it is also effective to keep just under and retrieve.

Sound of libraries We just made it as one of the fields to the field which does not quite readily use the mouth. It is not a splash or a turn but a surface plug that invites from the nose, which can appeal both "sideways" and "vertical" such as just rolling dive, swinging underwater.


  •  The Owl Gene Lure’s Crank Minnow
  • Length: 5 in   Weight: 0.9 oz   Type: Floating