The Owl Gene Lure's

Owl Gene Hook De Merry

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The Owl Gene Lures Hook De Merry living dead shape blank is in an upward warp position. When retrieving to a dead throw like checking the rotation of Pela one by one, it progresses little by little with "Henko Hoko" "Pikpik" while generating large water waves and ripples. If you use line slacks, you can also produce table turns. The tail fin type metal parts set on the rear are made of thin aluminum of only 0.5 mm. It is not just the details to suppress the body rotation during retrieval, it can bend easily, so it aims to take "rudder in the direction of travel". It is an important role not only to the visual silhouette but also to assist the direction of the twisted blank. I hope he wants to make a big bold invasion to the spot peculiar to the Big Plug, and to invite him carefully, using the characteristics, imitating the weak fish, and spot specific to the big plug.


  • The Owl Gene Lure's Hook De Merry
  • Length: 5 in. with tail 6 in.  Weight: 1.7 oz.  Type: Topwater