The Owl Gene Lure's

The Owl Gene Lure's TomTom Cymbal28

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  • The Owl Gene Lure's TomTom Cymbal28
  • Length: 3.5 in
  • Weight: 1.1 oz
  • Type: Topwater / Wakebait


The Owl Gene Lures Tom Tom Cymbal 28 which is the eating size which covers the" getting slower "situation than just" getting smaller "as size down from"  Tom Tom Cymbal. Unbalanced large blade like the original size becomes the center of gravity, and rod action is also good at producing extremely small tap sound & metallic sound with a negligible tone. "28" means Φ 28 mm. This is a Φ 28 mm diameter series of almost the same size as Oulu Fish and Haunted, the feature of this work "comfortable sound comes out, slow reeling speed" is not only the Tamtam cymbal series but also with Oulu Fish and Haunted You can enjoy it as a variation plug ideal for rotation.