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Owl Gene Weedless Castanets Topwater

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I can't put the Owl Gene Weedless Castanets in a place that is hard to say but the big guys eat it.

1. The effect of the collar is not only suppression of popper splash and movement distance, but also to hide the base and front rig of the front hook in the collar with the greatest feature. This is the wisdom of American Plug's ancestor who realizes high weadless effect as a hard plug. # 2960 mounted on the collar, cast repeated action to increase its effect. Adopt 1 mm thick stainless steel material that can not defeat the structure contacts of bumps and dumplings. It is also a gift of a large, high buoyancy blank that can mount this heavyweight part.

2. The reason that the large blank of about 2 ounce class "can bite" Castability due to the presence which leads to appeal from the time of arrival at the weed pocket and its own weight not to rise up to hit the back of the hang. In narrower hang gaps, this weight is essential for penetrating through leaves and dead branches.

3. Castanet joint of oblique cut familiar to the Uller series also does not get caught in the gap of the joint part from its shape and does not reduce the slipping effect. Also, in lateral movement the sound is small, it also features the sound to the vertical motion of the blank. It is a debut of a new work "castanet" with weapons of suppression of movement distance and appeal, light turns, with the joint effect keeping the characteristics of the previous work accumulating high achievements such as 60 over even in the weed pocket at Lake Biwa ! !


  • The Owl Gene Lure's Weedless Castanets
  • Length: 5 in.  Weight: 2.1 oz.  Type: Topwater