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Raid Japan Level Crank Crankbait

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Raid Japan Level Crank is a  super shallow is the main battlefield of shallow crank, Bush and lip wrap, such as Weed, various obstacles inherent. It is one of the elements indispensable entice the fish even while fending off skillfully these "obstacle avoidance performance.” Crank bait conventional, whereas the dive by lowering the head, level crank, swim in a horizontal position of level-specific series. I was wearing the avoidance performance to overwhelm the cover boldly dodged beautifully without having to stick to the lip such as rap and Weed by this.


Level crank, which was developed as the most important issue to be cleared at a high level elements of three large these will be the best weapon to increase the level of shore fishing cranking.


  • Raid Japan Level Crank
  • Length: 2 in.  Weight: 3/8 oz.  
  • Depth: 2 to 3 ft.  Type: Slow Sinking