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Raid Japan Level Crank MID Crankbait

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The Raid Japan LEVEL CRANK MID is a mid-running crank bait that hits the spot for a heaven of many giant bass. It has so much obstacles such as lip-raps, rocks, sunken trees and many other objects that provide perfect hiding places for large bass. Shallow running crank baits can not reach this depth. Most of the conventional mid range crank baits dive to steep and get hung up to easily, causing too much retrieving resistants. Mid range is one of the most important ranges, but not utilized due to the lack of proper tackle. Raid Japan’s Level Crank Mid is the first dedicated crank bait that will provide solutions to many of the problems associated with mid range fishing.


  • Raid Japan Level Crank MID
  • Length: 59.5 mm.  Weight: 3/6 oz.  Depth: 5 to 7 ft.