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Raid Japan Level Minnow

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The Raid Japan LEVEL MINNOW is equipped with a magnet type center of gravity movement mechanism. Movement weight released from magnetic force by take back at the cast moves to the rear end of the body, and even the same class of minnow will beat out the top class explosive flight distance. Enjoy the shocking flight distance realized not only by the center of gravity movement mechanism but also by combining all the balances, such as the body form and the lip set angle and the existence of a counterweight that stabilizes the attitude at the time of flight. With a headwind, you should be able to experience the difference in true ratings of LEVEL MINNOW.


  • Raid Japan Level Minnow
  • Length: 5 in.  Weight: 1/2 oz.   
  • Depth: 5 ft.   Type: Slow Floating