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Raid Japan Level Vib B.I.G

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  • Raid Japan Level Vib B.I.G
  • Length: 64.0 mm.  
  • Weight: 5/8 oz.  
  • Type: Sinking


Raid Japan LEVEL VIB BIG is a full size vibration plug that can search with excellent presence even in a vast field such as a flat big lake and a large scale pond. In order to adjust to the field which has become a high pressure today, the body is deck but the action is moderately adjusted. It brings lightness that allows you to search a wide range with a good tempo with a comfortable winding resistance. By action, one knocker "Gotogoto" sound which the main weight placed on the head hits the inner wall is generated. Also on the sound side, I set it discreetly. Also, assuming a flat lake's weed area, it is possible to trace the exquisite range around 2 m where we do not pick up the weeds normally during retrieval. Trace like occasionally weaving the weed top, invite monsters without stress. The original level vibes boast, the bottom stand-up performance and the horizontal swim posture firmly inherited. It is the emergence of high-potential full-size vibrate that also matches the figure and also has delicacy that handles lift and fall in the cold season as well.