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Raid Japan Level Vib Counter

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Raid Japan LEVEL VIB COUNTER is (counter), sound derivative models of level Vibe. Strong tune you UP the volume of the sound so that you can pick up fishing more efficiently, the fish had died in the wide range of fish and active. It has strengthened as compared to the original level Vibe also action itself. The review material from the body, and rebuild the system Rattle. It is finished in the setting that generates a sound with weight feeling shrilly that it enhances the sound effects and adopted the common name for heat milky white "bone material", and a built-in hard Burasuratoru the body material. You can search quickly from Weed vast area, and awaken the fish of the neutral state in the notes by the high-speed retrieve, the fish aggressive high season, usage is different. Level vibe of the original sound, modest Rattle sound valid in small areas such as field pond. Counters, and situations area, such as feel and want a little more appeal than the original sound is turn against it. Rotation due to the difference in the sound of the original also, conventional means to eke out a 1 and the other from the same area. It will be the width of one Trombone spreads also, with the advent of the level Vibe counter.

  • Raid Japan Level Vib Counter
  • Length: 54.0 mm.  Weight: 3/8 oz.  Type: Sinking