Raid Japan

Raid Japan Two Side

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  • Raid Japan Two Side
  • Length: 64.0 mm.  
  • Weight: 5/16 oz.  
  • Type: Topwater


Raid Japan TWO SIDE is, top water plugs and enhanced the ability to lure the fish in all aspects to be encountered in the field. The pay-out a variety of actions by a rod work, by the projection of the mouth of TWO SIDE specific, and brings spit and splash, the intense sound. Created splash and swish sound, the flushing has dudes gloss along with the action, original Pella of special shape equipped to tail, its presence in the fish fish of the lower and fish hidden in cover back, even in the map di water with low visibility appeal. Even for fish, which is located away from the lure, it combines to bring the attack to attract the "strength". To exert the characteristic of TWO SIDE a pin spot and overhangs Shoreline, bush, such as a cover when. Effective to attack Nechikkoku to lure the fish in friendly rod work. In addition, Pella of the tail is rotated by or when away from the cover, which was aimed at action after casting, even in open water, to retrieve, to generate a splash and sound as Bazubeito. Since it continues to invite fish during recovery is possible, you can expand the strike chance to feet.