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Raid Japan Whip Crawler 5.5” Worm 10pk

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RAID JAPAN The first straight worm "WHIP CRAWLER" you requested is the almighty performance corresponding to every rig. Without killing "tension of material" which can be said as the life of straight worms, we derive the best balance which is "not too soft without too hard", "not too thick not too fine", "not too heavy not too light" It has a thorough almighty performance that no matter how rigs or fishing grounds are selected. Neko Rig, Jig Head Wacky Rig, No Sinker Wacky Rig, Wacky Style Down Shot Rig ... ... High Dimensions for Various Rigs. Depending on the weight of the sinker to use, it is a straight worm with extremely high general versatility that responds to exquisite size feeling and feeling even to bait finesse tackle.