Savage Gear

Savage Gear Real Herring Shad Pre-Rigged Swimbait

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  • Length: 6 in.   Weight: 1.25 oz.   Quantity: 2 pcs/pk
  • Type: Sinking


Produced using advanced 3D scanning technologies, the Savage Gear Real Herring 6” Shad is digitally modeled from an actual Shad. More precise than any handcrafted mold, this new technology allows Savage Gear to include details that are lost when re-created by hand. Once scanned, the Savage Gear Real Herring 6” Shad was manipulated to mimic escaping prey on the fall and when paused during retrieve. The Savage Gear Real Herring 6”Shad also features a big-roll, paddle tail that gives it a natural rocking motion and a great side flash during the retrieve.