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DUO Realis 1-1/2” Ninmushi Bug Grade-A 3pk

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The DUO Realis Ninmushi Bug Grade-A material is formed of a floating material with the addition of “salt”, making it easier for the bass to inhale. Thanks to the addition of “salt” in the body, it has enabled anglers achieve great casting distance while the weight and unique body formation creates an attractive splashing sound of a bug when the lure hits the water, attracting bass from a wide area. We have also mixed in natural fibers in the material giving the body a unique silhouette and flashing affect, inducing bites from those bass reluctant to use their mouth. The natural fiber derived air holes created in the body will induce a more aggressive and deep bite from the bass that actually believe they are biting into a real bug. With our in-depth research of the material, we have created a “bug” with delicate buoyancy so it does not float nor sink too much, perfect for anglers to control at their will.