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DUO Realis Popper 64

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Newly released from Duo, the Realis Popper 64 is a compact and aggressively styled popper that’s sure to find a home in your tackle box. Measuring 2.5 inches in length and weighing just over 1/3 oz, the Realis Popper 64 is designed with a shallow cupped mouth generates an ideal splash and a slapping effect as it’s being popped. It also walks effortlessly across the water’s surface for added versatility. Metal rattles in the rear chamber create an unmistakable noise that bass can’t resist.  In addition, the aerodynamic body shape and spherical weight in the back of the lure permits long distance casting with little effort. A dressed #6 treble hook is attached at the rear and another super sharp #6 treble hook on the underside. Next time your reaching into the tackle box, grab the Duo Realis Popper 64 and get it poppin’.   


  • DUO Realis Popper 64
  • Length: 2.5 in.   Weight: 0.33 oz.   Type: Topwater