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Roman Made Mother Chaser Swimbait

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An overwhelming sense of existence and overwhelming ability of collection fish.Non-standard Big Swimbait that inevitably reached it at last to drag out monster. It starts from Cast, and a peculiar splashdown sound. And, existence that is full of confidence. It is not stale all from the retrieve to picking up. It is Mother Chaser Power to draw big bass that has not been seen. Unexpected action of bass. The thing that cannot be experienced before every time Mother Chaser is thrown out it will happen to you. of course you know, it cannot easily meet the super-big bass. There is the world that can be seen because of Mother Chaser which cannot tell all by the item of lure and rip-less. Neither the experience nor the established theory apply. We are learning from a completed thing now. RomanMade is seriously opposite to the fish with the conviction in a dreamlike reality. Mother Chaser is Roman Made’s style, and the lure that led the dream to the reality.

 Sorry folk’s the Mother Chaser must go thru PayPal and One Per Customer

  • Roman Made Mother Chaser Swimbait
  • Length: 16 in   Weight: 1 lb 7.2 oz
  • Color: D-Trout