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Roman Made Mother Triple (Premium) Swimbait

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The Roman Made Mother Triple Premium swim bait is intimidating at first glance.  Most trophy anglers have not witnessed such a lure. Some will fear its profile and weight.Once the angler learns how to harness the Mother Triple action he will be amazed. Its function begins with the cast, a powerful signal is issued with its splash.Once the mother traverses through the water column big bass sense its presence. The power of this lure draws a typical behavior from big bass.The standard lipless version of the mother is 30 cm and over 270g. Heavily fished bass of Biwa draw a serious intent to the lure even under their discriminate study. Traditional swim bait theory does not apply here.Giant bass reaction is awe -inspiring.  Many anglers learn big bass will eat the head of the swim bait but with the Mother they react to the entire body of the lure.  The vicinity of the eye, the head and upper tail are region focus strikes.



  • Roman Made Mother Triple (Premium) Swimbait
  • Color: Rainbow Trout
  • Weight: 270g