RYUGI Feathered Pierce Trebles

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The RYUGI Feathered Pierce Trebles, penetration and strength.Special steel material that maintains strength and sharpness.A piston treble with a high level of performance and track record by adopting a TC coat that raises the penetrating power to a phenomenal level.This feather pier treble is a combination of feathers based on this high performance treble.By carefully examining the materials and finishing them one by one with hand tying, we realized the volume and feathering of the feathers that the professional staff is confident of being able to catch.The time difference action created by the exquisite volume shown when following a lure triggers a bite that cannot be taken one step in tough conditions.Sometimes it becomes a brake to stop the lure and sometimes hides the presence of the hook from the fish.In some cases, the hook can be easily sucked into the fish and the hooking rate is increased.Feather hook as an indispensable tune item to catch according to the situation.RYUGI appeals to the significance of this existence with this hook.


  • RYUGI Feathered Pierce Trebles 
  • Quantity: 2 pk   Type: Medium Heavy Wire