RYUGI Infini Brutal (TC Coat) Offset Shank Hooks

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This hook started with a custom based on the famous Infini of wide gap offset. However, when it was completed, it became something that could be called a completely different thing. Optimized the dimensions of each part assuming big warming. Judging that big worms that require a wide gap balance as wide as the conventional Infini are rare, the widening ratio of the gap width to the longer overall length is adjusted conservatively. In addition, the shape balance has been readjusted so that the hook points do not pop out more than necessary.It has a shape that easily fits worms and has a shape that enhances the penetrating force for penetrating the hard and thick jaws of large fish. In addition, since the shaft wire diameter becomes thicker, the barb size has also been reviewed. By downsizing, a sharp penetrating force was secured despite the thick shaft. The crank part has also been strengthened so that the worm with its own weight does not shift too much. The monster hook [Infini Brutal], which is the largest class in the history of RYUGI, is packed with the commitment that can be said to be the self-satisfaction of big bass hunters.