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RYUGI PIERCE Treble is a outstanding hook (Wide Gap) The wide gap design increases the probability of hook points touching the fish body, and the moment you touch it, the exquisite inward hook points firmly convey the hooking power to the fish body and penetrate it.Ideal shape with repeated tests.Utilizing strength (Allbend Design) The overall bend shape of the pierced hook yields a strong spring-back, giving it a higher level of strength even at a light weight. Persistence of sharpness (Special Medium Heavy Wire)The dullness of the hook point due to obstacles and intermittent hits to the lure body is treble fate.Succeeded in maintaining sharpness for a long time by using special steel.Smooth insertion (TC Coat) The special coating "TC coat" that assists hooking by reducing the coefficient of friction has further improved hooking response.


  • With TC Coating
  • Type: Medium Heavy Wire