RYUGI Tantrum Control 4pk

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RYUGI Control Tantram = (Bad Child).As the name suggests, it is a tool for controlling the big bass that is diving into the heavy cover with a force.Based on the premise of a strong impact due to close combat in the PE line, in addition to setting a tough axis, we applied the theory of springback that improves the resistance to hook elongation from the earring hook.Finished hook that never stretches.The conventional sharp hook point could not withstand strong hooking power, and the hook point was deformed or damaged, making it impossible to penetrate the fish.TC ensures point strength by setting the hook point to an obtuse angle.Reduced risk of deformed / damaged points.The goodness of piercing that is lost at an obtuse point overcomes the drawbacks with a completely new idea of ​​covering the piercing by applying a special surface coating <TC coat> that improves the sliding when the hook is stuck. An essential tool for the heavy cover strategy has been completed.